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Church History Book titled From Jerusalem To You an unabridged Church History
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Unabridged Church History Book – From Jerusalem To You

There remain congregations in the 21st century whose roots are tied to the pure of the 3rd century.  The pure are the spiritual descendants whose history traces back to Jerusalem with Jesus in the 1st century. They are not Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants or Reformed. Their little light still shines in the dark world of sin.  Is your congregation linked to them? Use the four keys found in the new Church History book From Jerusalem To You to figure it out for yourself.

Following the tradition of the Apostles and example of Jesus Christ they continue to baptize by immersion and hold the Lord’s Supper with other believers in anticipation of the physical return of Jesus Christ.   These genuine churches are not bound by the traditions of men. They do not meet in ornate buildings full of idols. They are persecuted today.  Too often in history they were forced to hide in the wilderness.

The churches of Jesus Christ were alive and well at the end of the fifth century. The gates of Hell had railed against them, but as ever Jesus was true to His Word. From the Isles of Britain and Ireland in the West to the Land of the Rising Sun in the East assemblies of believers gathered on Sundays to worship the Risen Savior.

Just as happens in the 21st century some congregations had been led into heresy by charismatic leaders seeking their own. Other congregations had usurped the authority of Jesus Christ as the scriptural Head of their church and replaced Him with another. Yet, as would exist in every century, there were those who on pain of death remained loyal to the Prince of Peace. Oh how I want to be numbered with them!

How do we tell these historic churches apart? We must use the four keys to do so. Those who continue in willful ignorance to maintain that Bible-Believing New Testament Churches emerged from idolatrous pagan institutions are hardhearted. “Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries?”[1]

[1]    James 3:12a

From Jerusalem To You is an unabridged church history book that reveals the harsh realities faced by Bible believers past and present.  It is unpopular because it does not play favorites.  It just provide historical evidence and lets the chips fall where they may.  Some tall trees have been felled in this work.

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